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CityJet VS ProfiJet T4

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Thousands of users rely on their Rioned sewer cleaning machines every day. In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Rioned CityJet and Rioned ProfiJet T4. Both machines are built with the best components and are designed for long and intensive use. Yet they each have their own qualities. In this blog, we will therefore be putting these two top pressure washers side by side and comparing them in 5 areas.

What is the difference between them in terms of drive?

The Rioned CityJet is available with various drives. The CityJet can be supplied with a petrol engine, a fully electric motor and PTO (Power Take Off), which involves the machine being driven by the engine of the vehicle in which it is placed.

Recently, the CityJet also became available with the V1505 common rail turbo diesel engine. We have paid attention to this new drive previously. With a power output of 33 kW / 44 hp, this engine is very suitable for the demanding user. In this blog we will be focussing on this drive.

The ProfiJet T4 is equipped with the same V1505 common rail turbo diesel engine or with the even more powerful Kubota V2403-CR T engine. This engine delivers 49 kW / 65 HP and is therefore perfect for the toughest unblocking jobs. 

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Why go for diesel?

A high-pressure sewer cleaning machine with diesel engine is very suitable for multiple, long jobs. Another advantage is that a diesel engine heats up less than a petrol engine. A diesel engine also produces less noise, which makes the machine suitable for working in busy places such as city centres and residential areas.

In addition, a machine with a diesel engine is ideally suited for customers who also drive a diesel-powered company van. This provides extra convenience at the fuel station.

Both engines are equipped with a common rail injection system for maximum atomisation of the fuel, a catalytic converter and a particulate filter. The air leaving the machine is therefore even cleaner than the air entering it, as it were! The CityJet with V1505-CR T engine and ProfiJet T4 with this or the V2403-CR T engine therefore comply with the latest Stage V emission standard.

What is the difference in capacity?

When comparing both machines based on the capacity delivered with a diesel engine, we see that the top model ProfiJet T4 offers a water flow of no less than 130 litres per minute. This makes it the most powerful machine in our range. The ProfiJet T4 is also available with a capacity of 280 bar / 80 lpm.

As far as the CityJet is concerned, there is plenty of choice in terms of capacity. Thanks to the V1505 diesel engine, up to 6 different capacities are available. These are: 320 bar / 46 lpm, 250 bar / 60 lpm, 160 bar / 85 lpm, 270 bar / 54 lpm, 200 bar / 72 lpm and 150 bar / 100 lpm. So there is always a suitable configuration available.

What functions/options are available?

Besides being the most powerful, the ProfiJet T4 is also our most complete model. In addition to a 270° rotating, hydraulically operated reel and two 400-litre water tanks, the standard equipment of this top-of-the-range sewer machine includes a RioMeter hose meter counter, eControlPlus control box and ECO stop function.

Optional extras for the ProfiJet T4 include the RioMote 7-channel remote control, RioSpindel automatic hose guide system, RioPulse pulsator system, extra-large water tanks, a second high-pressure hose reel (for hot water) and a fixed-suction venturi system.

The CityJet is also packed with useful features and comes as standard with two 300-litre water tanks, eControlPlus control box, ECO-stop function hydraulic reel with freewheel and dry-run protection.

Optional extras for the CityJet include the RioMote remote control, RioPulse pulsator, anti-freeze system, hose meter counter, extra-large water tanks, a second high pressure hose reel and a fixed venturi system.

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Profi Jet Blauw frame lr zonder 1

Which vans are suitable?

The CityJet frame fits into all popular compact vans, such as the Mercedes-Benz Vito and Ford Transit. This leaves enough room to store other tools and materials in your van, such as a spring machine or inspection equipment. If you prefer a larger van, this is of course also possible.

Larger vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit are ideal for permanently fitting the lightweight reinforced aluminum frame of the ProfiJet T4. And then there is plenty of room left for storing additional tools or fitting storage cabinets.

Of course, we will be happy to help you make the right choice. If you wish, we can take care of ordering and equipping the van and fitting the machine.

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When to choose which machine?

Both machines are therefore very complete, and can be fully customised to your needs. But when to choose the CityJet and when to choose the ProfiJet T4? The Rioned CityJet is ideally suited for every day work. Because the machine fits in a compact van, you can get to hard-to-reach places without any problems, such as busy city centres and car parks. The CityJet is available in many different capacities, so there is a suitable CityJet for every type of job.

The ProfiJet T4 is a larger, more powerful machine. Thanks to its high water flow, it is suitable for heavy domestic and industrial work. But of course, the final choice also depends very much on your own preferences. Our colleagues are happy to help you reach the right decision, to find the best solution for you!

Please contact your Rioned sales advisor, email [email protected] or call +31 (0)13 547 91 00 for more information, prices and availability.

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