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FlexCom proves size isn't everything for AdvanceFM

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A key focus of the Product Design team at Rioned is the development of compact equipment that offers performance to match much larger units. A good example of this is continually evolving FlexCom Combination Unit range, which was launched in 2015 as lighter, more manoeuvrable and more efficient option to larger combi units.

The FlexCom has become a staple choice for utility companies across the UK, and the flexibility of the unit has also meant it is increasingly a popular choice for drainage contractors of all sizes.

For Glenn Thompson, Group Managing Director at Advance FM, a nationwide maintenance and drainage services provider, the FlexCom 7.5t unit was an ideal choice: “We required a small tanker that we would be able to get into the most difficult places, so we did our homework in the market before getting in touch with Rioned. Mark Cox (Rioned UK’s Sales Manager) arranged for us to visit the manufacturing facility in Holland to see the machines being built. After that, we decided this was the machine for us.”

Rioned take great pride in the build quality of their machines and Mark Cox says it’s always a pleasure to show potential customers around the manufacturing facility in Holland: “We’ve taken representatives from companies of all sizes and it’s a great way to showcase the innovation and attention to detail that goes into each build. We’ve also tried to build flexibility into the purchasing process with a range of finance packages to suit customers’ budgets, and even the option to short-term hire before you buy.”

Alongside performance, the weight, size and efficiency are key factors in the decision to buy a combination unit. A reduction in payload greatly improves fuel efficiency and therefore also reduces vehicle maintenance. Without compromising on performance, the smaller FlexCom units are also much more manoeuvrable than larger 12t and 14t combis and offer customers the versatility to get into work spaces where larger vehicles would struggle.

Another advantage for smaller contractors is that the FlexCom has been engineered for single man operation and can be driven without an HGV licence by anyone who passed their test before 1997. The powerful unit features a high-performance vacuum pump and can be supplied with several high-pressure pump configurations. The suction hose connects to a 3,000 or 3,500-litre tank for immediate operation. The hydraulically operated hose reel pivots 180° for ease of operation and includes 100 metres of high-pressure hose. The unit also features ample storage for hoses, CCTV units and for other tools.

Glenn Thompson says the drainage team at Advance FM are very satisfied with their new FlexCom unit: “The tanker is out every day on PPM (Planned and Preventative Maintenance) works for retail and industrial clients, and we can’t fault the equipment at all. We’ve also had great after-sales service from Mark at Rioned. He really knows his stuff in relation to tankers and drainage. Later in the year, we will be looking at purchasing another FlexCom for use from our new office in Warrington.”

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