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CityJet with V1505-CR Turbo engine: What exactly is changing?

V1505 CR t

The Rioned CityJet is the most widely used sewer cleaning machine in the world and a well-established brand across the drainage sector. The CityJet is available in a wide range of capacities, making it suitable for the most diverse jobs. We’re pleased to announce that the CityJet will be available with the Kubota diesel V1505-CR Turbo engine in early 2021. But what is new and what are the differences to the current engine? We hope this blog will make it clear.

The standard in ease of use

The Rioned CityJet has set the standard in jetter design, performance and reliability for many years. Thousands of users around the world rely on their CityJet day in and day out. Due to the extremely compact size and low weight of the machine, it leaves sufficient storage space in the van for tools and other equipment. 

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Why choose the CityJet with Kubota diesel V1505-CR Turbo engine?

The long-awaited Kubota diesel V1505-CR Turbo engine CityJet is on its way! The engine is equipped with a common-rail injection system for maximum atomization of the fuel, a catalytic converter and a particulate filter. The air leaving the machine is therefore even cleaner than the air entering the machine, as a matter of speech. This means that the CityJet with V1505-CR T engine meets all the requirements of the current Stage V emission standards.

This new CityJet is ideally suited to customers who prefer a machine with a diesel engine and use their machine intensively every day. A high-pressure sewer cleaning machine with a diesel engine is ideally suited to carry out a wide variety of longer jobs. Other advantages are that diesel heats up less than petrol and also produces less noise, which makes them very suitable for working in busy places such as city centers and residential areas.

In addition to the V1505-CR T diesel engine being a practical choice, this engine is also better for the environment than regular diesel engines. The regeneration of the filter (i.e. the burning of soot particles in the filter) takes place automatically, so the work never stops.

V1505 CR t

The power of the V1505-CR T is comparable to the current CityJet engine, delivering 33kW (44 HP) of power. It can therefore deliver all the established capacities, such as 150 bar / 100 lpm, 250 bar / 60 lpm, 200 bar / 72 lpm and 320 bar / 46 lpm. In terms of price, the new machine is slightly higher than a CityJet with a petrol engine. It is also about 60 kg heavier.

The CityJet is packed with useful features and offers unparalleled ease of use. With the RioMote remote control, the machine is easily operated by a single person, which is further enhanced by eControl+ system management and the 180° swiveling hose reel. The reel can hold up to 140 meters of 1/2” high-pressure hose. Thanks to the RioFree hydraulic freewheel system, the reel can be unwound without resistance.

The new CityJet with Kubota diesel V1505-CR T engine can be ordered today, with the first machines available for delivery in early 2021. Contact us for more information, prices and availability!

Stage V - The new standaard

With the introduction of the new Stage V emission regulations, Rioned has thoroughly revised its product range. As a result, we can now offer a suitable solution for every customer, anywhere in the world. This includes machines with diesel, petrol, PTO and even electric drive. Contact your Rioned sales advisor by email to [email protected] or call +31 (0) 13 547 91 00. Our colleagues are happy to help find the best solution for you!

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