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Comfortable and ergonomic working with the pivoting reel

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In addition to our extensive product range containing all kinds of machines for various sewer cleaning and unblocking jobs, we also have many options available for our high-pressure sewer cleaning machines and combination units. This makes the work just that little bit easier, more practical, or more comfortable. In this blog, we tell you everything about the pivoting reel.

Ergonomic working posture

Rioned was the first on the market to introduce a pivoting hose reel. A swiveling reel makes work more comfortable and contributes to an ergonomic working posture. And that is very important, especially when you are making long days and doing heavy work.

You can choose for a pivoting or pivoting and rotating reel. A pivotable reel, such as on the Rioned CityJet, swings by 180 ° from the van. When the reel drum itself is also rotatable, the total reach is 270 °, as is standard with the ProfiJet T4.

Profi Jet Blauw frame lr zonder 1
Profi Jet Blauw frame lr zonder 1

This allows the reel to be positioned right above the manhole and you won't have any problems with parking your van. Also, you don't have to squeeze yourself into an uncomfortable position while working. This ensures optimal working conditions and the job can be done easily and comfortably.

The pivoting hose reel can be mounted on any Rioned high-pressure cleaning machine.

Are you curious about the possibilities, or do you have any questions about the pivoting hose reel? Please contact us via [email protected] or + 31 (0)13 547 91 00.

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