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Coffret de buses de haute qualité

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Coffret de buses de haute qualité avec des buses spéciales pour les travaux exigeants. Inserts en acier, débit à partir de 45 lpm. Optimise le rendement de votre UrbanJet ou CityJet.

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360° nozzle

  • 12 x 15° steel inserts for extreme traction, 1 x 0° front jet to clear blockages
  • ideal for machines with lower pressure and flow to clean pipes all round
  • ½” connection 30mm (diameter) x 40 mm (length)


  • Equipped with a rotating front beam and ceramic insert to open complete blocked pipes, and to remove grease in vertical pipes
  • Up to 350 bar pressure and up to 60° C water temperature
  • ½” connection, 34 mm (diameter) x 65 mm (length)

Chisel point

  • Breaks the most stubborn blockages like ice and fat
  • 3 x 25°, 3 x 15° and 1 x 0°, steel inserts
  • ½”connection, 35 mm diameter, length 56 mm

Grenade bomb small

  • Nozzle that stays in the center of the pipe, cleaning the circumference. When pulling back, heavy debris will also be removed
  • 6 x 18° and 1 x 0°, steel inserts
  • ½”connection, 40 mm diameter x 38 mm length